About Us

We are a digital agency that shows up where it matters.

Ethos is a data-driven digital marketing agency with a grow-your company-like-we-own-it mentality.
We're not your typical agency.

Here's a few things that set us apart:

We build it like we own it.

We built this agency to solve our own problems and we bring that same mentality into every project we work on with you – we run your projects like they are our own. What that means is you’ll always receive our honest and straight-forward advice and feedback that’s designed to help your company in the long-run.

We are ROI-obsessed.

At the end of the day, every business is looking for results – so we put those front and center. We are a results-focused, ROI-obsessed digital agency that’s driving your company like it’s our own.

A single point of contact.

We believe in keeping things simple and streamlined. We don’t add unnecessary layers or increased complexity. With Ethos, you will have a single point of contact and all of our communication will be straight forward, direct, and spoken without industry jargon.

About Us

Our digital agency story.

We initially started Ethos to solve our own problems. We wanted to figure out how to build a solid foundation to grow a company on and learn what digital marketing strategies actually worked.

After a few years of wading through the trenches, we realized that while there was an overwhelming amount of information out there, the same principles held true again and again and that no matter what the industry, a good building is build on the same solid foundation of a powerful brand, a product customers love, and the right messaging and marketing to attract customers.

We bring all that knowledge together to help small- and medium- businesses like yours who are hitting the same revenue roadblocks we once were.

If you’re ready to get your company into hyper-growth, schedule a chat with us today.

Our team.

Julian D.

Digital ecosystem specialist and and human psyche wizard.

Scott W.

Marketing Specialist and funnel wizard.

Kyle R.

Operations Specialist and all around awesome human.

Chase F.

Google Ads Specialist and pixel-perfect designer.

The values that guide us.

1. We are a psychology-first agency.

Tactics and strategies are great, but all good execution starts with understanding who the customer is and what they are trying to do.

Your brand, your website, your marketing message, and everything else you do should be built around that.

Because if you get that right, everything else flows smoothly.

2. We have passion and determination.

We value passion, determination, perseverance, and the sense of urgency.

We are inspired because we believe in what we are doing and where we are going. We don’t take “no” or “that’ll never work” for an answer because if we had, then we would have never started in the first place.

Passion and determination are contagious. We believe in having a positive and optimistic (but realistic) attitude about everything we do because we realize that this inspires others to have the same attitude.

There is excitement in knowing that everyone you work with has a tremendous impact on a larger dream and vision, and you can see that impact day in and day out.

3. We push the status quo.

The purpose of Ethos is to move the world forward. To make our own dent. To push humanity further ahead.

To do this, we have to question why we do the things we do today, and get creative when thinking about ways to do them better. We never accept or get too comfortable with the status quo and are always okay second guessing if what we’re doing is what we should be doing.

4. We like to ask why... a lot.

We ask why, a lot – and we encourage you to do the same.

Ask it anytime. Ask it every day. Hell, ask it two or three times in a row.

For most of us this doesn’t come naturally, but we’ve learned that questioning things in the process is a lot easier than having to questing it once it’s live. Sure, it can feel dangerous, but we’d rather dig through the tough stuff early and often. Here’s your permission to do the same.

5. We like to have fun.

We will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever become one of those big, boring, stuffy agencies. That’s not why we were founded, that’s not our purpose, and it is not where we will end up.


6. We're execution-focused.

It’s all great to have big ideas and wild visions, but the truth is, we know that the real work gets done in the nitty gritty processes. We believe in the power of systematic, deliberate execution based on wild ideas distilled down into powerful principles.

We love stepping outside the lines, but also respect that there are simple rules that yield big results.

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