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Heirloom Projects

Heirloom Projects, an upscale interior design and contracting company, collaborated with Ethos to create a digital brand that matches the exceptional quality of their services. The new website not only showcases their impressive portfolio but also boosted web traffic by 45% and significantly increased client inquiries and engagement.

Pilot Mortgages

Pilot Mortgages is one of Canada's leading mortgage brokers and likes to do things differently.


Matcon is an unrivaled provider in the construction industry looking to showcase the quality of its work to the world.

Vancity 4 Sale

Vancity 4 Sale is a premier Vancouver realtor serving high-end and luxury buyers.

W Academy

W Academy provides free access to digital education and helps young website designers build the future of the web.

Never Alone

Never Alone is one of Canada's leading mental health blogs, helping Canadians unlock positive mental health.

Jodi Steeves Real Estate

Jodi is a down-home, kind-hearted, honest, and driven Aldergrove Realtor.

Erin Fraser Photography

Erin Fraser Photography is a Vancouver-based photographer that actively seeks out couples that do not give a f*ck.

Deshoots Digital

On a mission to teach people about the world of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, web3, and more – so we can build the future together.


A passionate individual blending his passions between building, biohacking, and being.

Sunday Club

A trendy eCommerce apparel brand selling direct to consumer.

when in doubt, love

widl isn't a company. it's a brand on a mission to change our relationship with self.

Paperclip Law

A heart-centered law firm that wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the world of legal.


A world-renowned wedding photographer that wanted a website that did justice to her stunning photography.


An entrepreneurial personality assessment and education platform to help entrepreneurs build a business that fits their unique personality.

Booth Real Estate

A Vancouver-based Realtor who was stepping into the real estate game and wanted to make a mark.

Prime Movers

A Calgary-based industrial rigging company ready to separate themselves from their competitors.

Davis Benefits

A leading Canadian benefits advisor and broker looking to make the jump to digital.

Haven Kitchen & Bar

A hip, local restaurant focused on modern casual dining with a global, adventurous approach. Proudly independent, quirky, and probably too loud for your grandma.

BD Rigging

A local industrial rigging company that wanted to make some big moves digitally.

Cloud Advisors

A high-growth B2B software SAAS company that is hitting their stride and needed a brand and website to match their ambitions.


A Vancouver-based podcast who was in need of a fresh new look to fit the depth of their conversations.

Angela Ruscheinski Photo

A world-renowned wedding photographer that wanted a website that did justice to her stunning photography.

The Property Twins

An award-winning twin team Surrey & Langley realtors that wanted to break the norms of the real estate industry.

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