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Cloud Advisors

A high-growth B2B software as a service (SAAS) company focused on redefining the Employee Benefits space.

project brief.

Cloud Advisors is a fast-growing, up-and-coming player in the Employee Benefits space. Their website, targeted at Benefit Advisors, had to be a balance of “very easy to understand” and “a modern and trendy B2B SAAS company”.

The goal was to re-brand and modernize the Cloud Advisors website, aligning them with their ambitions to become the leading Benefits Advisor platform.

I can sincerely recommend Ethos as a tight-knit team of result-driven, highly-skilled and passionate creatives. Their workflow is full of wonderful ideas and they have the ability to execute. The end result was absolutely amazing. They are attentive to our timeline and flexible and accommodative to the ideas and changes we wanted to make. We are extremely happy with the final product – and, most importantly, so are our customers.

Good job, guys, keep rocking!"
Matt Lister
Co-Founder and CEO

redefining the employee benefits space.

Matt Lister and the team at Cloud Advisors had big ambitions and needed a website to match. They came to Ethos with a rough idea and over the course of  eight weeks, we created an industry leading web experience.

project features.

dynamic feature videos to easily explain the product to the customer

How do you distill hundreds of hours of deep and detailed conversation into a brand anyone can understand in a second? To get to that, we had to get deep inside the minds of the creators and understand their essence and what exactly they were trying to do.

intelligent animations to make the site feel alive

Technology is changing the way we experience the web and Cloud Advisors wanted to be on the leading edge of branding. Speed, animation, and simplicity were pillars in the development.

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