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A business branding agency that creates brands that speak for themselves!

Data-driven brand design that attracts and converts potentials customers – without you having to say a word.

Real Talk

Why clients come to us for branding.

Website Design Agency

‘We are embarrassed to show our brand to customers'

Website Design Company

'We don't have a message customers can understand'

Website Design Services

'It feels like our company is straight out of the 90s...'

Web Development Services

'We want to differentiate ourselves from our customers'

why your brand matters

If customers don't understand your brand
they won't understand how you can help.

Branding isn’t just about being beautiful, it’s about connecting with your customers and saying what you’re all about – without having to actually say it.

Our goal with every project is to give a brand that is differentiated from your competitors – driving engagement and establishing your credibility.

Just like humans, businesses have their own unique personalities and values, and the role of your Brand Identity is to make those understood and clear without you having to explain them to customers.

A well-built brand will help your customers differentiate you from the rest.

Do we fit?

We're a good branding match if...

Website Design Agency

You’re an entrepreneur launching a new biz and you need beautiful branding that customers and investors love.

Website Design Company

You've worked with other designers, but the quality of work was a struggle. It wasn't a good return on your money.

Website Design Services

You've been successful for some time, and you’ve outgrown your existing identity. Time for a big old brand refresh.

Web Development Services

You’re a manufacturer looking for fresh patterned artwork to set your products apart.

Feel like one of those fits?
Let's create a design for your brand that you’re proud of.

We let our branding work speak for itself.

View some of our favourite projects or see our whole portfolio here.

How We Work

Our branding agency process.

This is where we figure out who you are and who your customers think you are... and make sure they match.

Conduct research & interviews

Sure, you can guess, but it's going to cost you. In a world flooded with data, we start every project conducting research and interviews that gives us invaluable insight into what your brand is and should become.

Local SEO

Develop core
brand philosophy

At the centre of a great brand is a bold idea and a clear philosophy that resonates with people. This becomes the pillar that everything brand (and company) is built around.

Web Design Company

Customer persona research

It's easy to say that everyone is your customer, but you can't market the same way to everyone. Customer persona research makes it crystal clear who you are targeting and it let's you tell them what they want to hear.

Development of
brand value prop

This is the flag you fly. Your BIG IDEA. The value you bring to customers. But it isn’t just what you want it to be. It’s a combo of what you want and what your customers want. We express this with a clear mission, purpose, values, and keywords that drive your messaging.

Development of
brand identity

We make sure your logo, imagery, and brand identity are guided by your value proposition. All the designs we build and naming recommendations we make are backed by research and justified with compelling explanations – not fluff.

brand optimisation

A brand is not just a static thing and the evolution of it is crucial in a rapidly changing world. We’re experts at brand iteration (ie: learning quickly from mistakes and improving based on what the data says) and treat brand design as an ongoing process.

Our Focus

Our differentiators that drive
brand love.

Our research shows that most brands adopt ineffective differentiators that customers don’t notice or care about.

They end up promoting the wrong differentiators and it can be disastrous for the bottom line – costing them countless new business opportunities, lost revenues, and wasted resources.

At ethos, we take you through a proven process that uncovers a set of differentiators that not only set you apart, but deliver a distinct competitive advantage and create a whole-lotta brand love.

Our Goal

A good brand attracts, educates, & converts your customers.


Powerfully communicate what you're about – your values, your services, your ideas and your personality.

Web Design Services

Search Engine Ready

Display your pride, commitment, and credibility to customers and establish yourself as an authority.

Web Design Services

Conversion Optimization

Make your customers feel good and separate yourself from your competitors – making you memorable.

Not sure about your brand?

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The Deliverables

Your brand is so much more than just a logo.

Done right, it gives people something to connect with.

A quality brand incorporates:

Web Design Firm

Purpose, mission and vision

Emotions, values, and keywords

Web Design Services

Communication guidelines

Web Development Services

Tone of voice and messaging

Web Design Company

Targeted personas

Logos, fonts and colours

Visual guidelines

Brand collateral

Real Talk

When it comes to branding, we practice what we preach!

We built this company with powerful brand, content marketing, lead automation, and targeted copywriting — and without venture capital, expensive advertising, or an outbound sales team.

Today, we’re a thriving business. 

Now, we’d like to do the same for you company – freeing up your time and space so that you can focus growing the core of your business.

Our branding portfolio.

You deserve
a brand that shines.

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