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Optimize your website through SEO and content so potential customers find you.
From our clients

Why clients come to us.

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‘We want to drive more customers to our website.

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‘Our website doesn't show up on the first page of results’

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‘We put out amazing blog, but people can't find them!’

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‘We don't know what our customers want to learn about’

why SEO matters
Search engines are responsible for two-thirds of traffic in the world.
Are they finding your company?

Today’s SEO isn’t just about keyword counts or backlinks from high PageRank websites. It’s about delivering content that search engines want to reward and that drives customers through your sales funnel. It’s about being found in all the right places online, and it’s about using that visibility to drive real, measurable growth in your company’s bottom line.

Ethos got its start as an SEO agency, and we’ve used our time to stay ahead of the curve with constant research, training and experimentation. When we say that we have the skills and knowledge needed to increase your visibility and traffic, know that we’ve been putting our money where our mouth is for nearly a decade!

Most searchers (i.e. potential customers) will never look beyond page one on Google.

So have a look for yourself – where does your company rank when searching for your type of products or services?

If it’s not on the first page, it might as well not exist at all.

That’s why we are here.

We build and execute strategies that understand what your potential customers are searching for and then make sure you are who shows up.

It’s a science and an art of building  beautiful websites that potential customers love – and that are coded properly so search engines can understand them.

Watch the magic happen when our SEO team gets to work for you.

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what is seo?
When people are looking can they find you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing method that is focused on helping your company get found when people are organically searching for your products and services in search engines.

Done right, and that matters a lot, it will help make sure you showing up high in the search results when people are looking for what your company does.

Our SEO agency process.

1. Research

We figure out what your audience is searching for

The first step to good SEO is to conduct keyword research.

For our clients:
  • We use a variety of tools to discover the “search intent” of potential customers. This helps us understand their wants.
  • We build a carefully curated list of short and long-tail keywords on key topics. This helps us know what we should target.
  • Set up baseline documentation for measuring and reporting improvements.
2. Strategy Development

We develop strategies so they can find you on Google.

Using search engine optimised terms, we ideate keyword-friendly content titles that engage readers from the first click, using industry-proven tools, in collaboration with clients.

3. Content Creation

We build content that your visitors will love.

Using search engine optimised terms, we ideate keyword-friendly content titles that engage readers from the first click, using industry-proven tools, in collaboration with clients.
4. On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

We do all the techy on-page and off-page stuff that Google loves.

We use SEO best practices to ensure that blog posts and website pages are fully optimized during the upload stage. This includes writing keyword-optimized meta descriptions, alt text and excerpts, and ensuring that all authoritative links are in working order throughout.

5. Clear & Simple Reporting

We put our money where our mouth is and show you the results.

We’re an SEO agency that only wants to work for you if we can deliver results.

We also like to keep things simple. Each month, we’ll send you a simple report that shows the performance of your campaign. No confusing 30 page reports, confusing stats, or meaningless technical jargon we run for you. By analyzing the success of our chosen keywords, we can adjust the campaign to get the best results. Increase blog view and more web traffic is the norm.

An SEO must know

Four BIG reasons why SEO matters!

Reason 1:
SEO delivers high-value leads

A recent survey showcased that that prospective customers who find your product and website through organic search result in a sale 14.6% of the time.

Compare this with the 1.7% close rate that is typical for outbound marketing (such as email blasts and PPC).

What you need to know: In-bound SEO is nearly 900% more effective than outbound marketing.

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Reason 2:
SEO traffic beats paid ads

Paid search, including Google AdWords & Facebook Ads, only accounts for about 10-15% of all website traffic. Unpaid, organic search results drive 60-75% of website traffic.

This means that paid search is only the tip of the iceberg and it generates no long-tail effect. If you aren't paying, you aren't getting anything.

What this means for you: If you're not focused on SEO, you're leaving potential customers left to find your competitors.

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Reason 3:
SEO opportunities are expanding

According to the Google, over 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices, which is good news for your business.

A big shift in mobile usage has opened up new opportunities to rank in SEO such as Local Search and mobile-FIRST website design.

All this gives us more ways for you to be found than ever before, but only for those willing to take advantage.

Reason 4:
benefit from "The Halo Effect"

When your company ranks highly in a trusted web search, it's like a big gold star being given to your brand. It's the endorsement of Google saying "with all of our intelligence, we trust that you are the best for this result".

Your company will benefit tremendously from the implied endorsement that comes from unpaid visibility.

In marketing terms, they call this "earned media" and it is more effective than anything you can pay for.

what we do as an SEO agency

SEO is so much more than writing blogs.

While it is important to have a basic understanding of the importance of SEO and some of the essential elements, it is a function best left to trained and experienced professionals. Just as you and your team are prepared and good at your business, SEO companies work with optimization on a daily basis, and they know what they are doing.

It is important to use a company that understands your local market and knows your industry. Ensure they have a proven track record of satisfied clients and a history of success.

Opportunity research & analysis

As SEO experts we will do an audit of your current situation and develop a plan of action to improve your SEO and get you the results you are looking for. The great thing about SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) is it is highly measurable.

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Identifying keyword opportunities

Good SEO and SEO marketing will give your site and your company credibility, exposure and a cost effective way of reaching out to your customers and potential customers.

Web Development Services

On-site SEO implementation

We can show you proof of the improvements in your page ranking, and you will be able to measure your return on investment. Numerous techniques are used to get your business on the first page of major search engines.

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Copywriting & site performance

We promise that your data will remain confidential since we have total control of our infrastructure, and retain the rights to personal and physical access.

Content marketing & link building

Whether you need content marketing and link building, want to get consistent reports on your website’s ranking, or need to know which keywords will make your website searchable, ethos is here to help.

Clear & simple ranking reports & tracking

Our goal is to make sure your site appears on that first page so that you can acquire and retain new customers on a regular basis.

Our SEO agency services.

Our team of SEO experts provide you with leading SEO services that actually work.
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Foundational SEO

We’ll generate leads by optimizing your site and creating content that puts you in the front of the line when customers are searching for your offering.

Website Design Agency
Content marketing

We promote your business through Google's search engine with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You only pay when you people go to your site.

Local SEO
Local SEO

Our SEO team target your local audience in a specific area. We will help your products and services get found by local customers at the exact moment they’re looking for them.

Local SEO
SEO audits

Detailed audit of your website, your current SEO rankings, and your competitors SEO rankings that give you a comprehensive understanding of what's working and what isn't.

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We practice what we preach.

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Today, we’re a thriving business. 

Now, we’d like to do the same for you company – freeing up your time and space so that you can focus growing the core of your business.

Let's go play in traffic. Website traffic that is!

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