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A world-renowned wedding photographer looking to showcase her work.

project overview.

Angela Ruscheinski came to us because she wanted to redevelop her website in a way that felt true to the way she took photos.

Simple, playful, light, and stunning.

Angela’s photography speakers for itself, so we took the approach to put it front and center and let it speak for itself while wrapping a simple but effective user experience to drive leads.

When I came to Ethos, I didn't really know what I wanted. All I knew was that I wanted something simple and beautiful and that showcased my photography. The team there blew me away and my site has paid itself off 1000x over.

Seriously, they are amazing.
Angela Ruscheinski
Founder + Photographer

the website.

project features.

showcasing her beautiful images to win the hearts of customers.

optimizing her beautiful images to win the hearts of Google (she ranks #1).

Images do a powerful job of conveying a story in a fraction of a second, but they unless they are optimized for Google, they do little to help your website get found.

We set-up Angela’s site to ensure that the search engines loved her images as much as her customers do.

The #1 placement speaks for itself.

we are are wired to connect with each other over stories.

a powerful blog to help Angela connect with her audience on a deeper level.​

As humans, all of us are hard-wired to connect with each other through storytelling.

Knowing that, we designed a simple, but elegant blog that allowed Angela to showcase her shoots and tell the story behind them.

All of this allowed customers to explore Angela’s photography in more depth and get a better feeling for the emotion she captures.

Making it easy to answer her customer's questions... without actually having to answer her customer's questions.​

As a well-known photographer, Angela gets asked the same questions over and over again.

To simplify her life, streamline her business, and provide a more inclusive customer experience, we designed an intelligently laid out menu structure which helped do a lot of the heavy-lifting – answering questions customers were asking and showcasing the value Angela can provide.

Making it really easy for customers to connect and book sessions with Angela.​

We made it really easy for potential customers to book sessions with Angela, and, more importantly, really easy for Angela to work through and qualify which customers were high-value through an automated follow-up process.

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