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the thinkspace. podcast

A Vancouver-based podcast for the passionately curious – for those that want to explore the bounds of what it means to be human looking for a fresh new look and a website to host their podcasts.

project overview.

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When we first started, we weren't 100% sure what we wanted. All we knew was that we wanted a site the represented the kinds of conversations were having.

Working with Ethos, we were able to really hone in on what that meant and they delivered something that blew past our expectations. It gave us something we can really use to grow.
Joss Biggins
Joss Biggins
Founder & Host
the thinkspace. podcast

the website.

a podcast with an entirely digital experience.

Joss Biggins, the man behind thinkspace. wanted his website to reflect the feel of the conversations he was having with world-renowned guests each week.

project features.

getting to the essence of over 100 hours of deep conversation.​

How do you distill hundreds of hours of deep and detailed conversation into a brand anyone can understand in a second? To get to that, we had to get deep inside the minds of the creators and understand their essence and what exactly they were trying to do.

making it easy for people to find what they want.​

Podcasts – they are all the rage right now. With hundreds being released every week, how do you make sure your audience is able to find all your best stuff? We designed the site to surface the fan favourites and made getting to the new content as simple as a click of a button. This also helped keep the homepage fresh.

Celebrating the power of community.

thinkspace. is a community-centric podcast, so we made sure that the contributions people made in form of ratings don’t just end up in the abyss of the internet. We brought them front and centre on the website, not only to show other listeners, but to celebrate those that contribute.

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