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Jodi Steeves Real Estate

Jodi is a down-home, kind-hearted, honest, and driven Aldergrove Realtor.

Project overview

Jodi Steeves was a lead-Langley realtor who had developed a strong on-the-ground relationship with the town around her. She came to us wanting to expand that relationship into the digital realm.

The Ethos team dove deep into her brand, her history, her customers, and the area she served and developed an ecosystem that felt personable and approachable while leveraging all the good stuff available in the digital realm.

The project included developing a complete digital ecosystem including website, social media, branding, marketing automation, and more.

"I love working with the Ethos team. They know so much about the space and are constantly giving us new ideas that grow our business."
Jodi Steeves
Founder + Realtor

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