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Matcon Construction

Matcon is an unrivaled provider in the construction industry looking to showcase the quality of its work to the world.

Project overview.

Matcon Construction is a leading Canadian construction company that wanted to update their digital presence to match the quality of work they were becoming known for.

The project included developing, a complete digital ecosystem, including:

  • website
  • branding
  • careers and jobs board
  • project showcase
  • services showcase
  • marketing automation, and
  • so much more!
"The Ethos team absolutely executed on this one. From the website architecture to the execution of the design, the final product was way more than we were expecting. We would recommend them in a heart beat.."
Mark Milburn
Project Coordinator

The final product.

Project features.

Bold landing sections proudly showcasing what Matcon Construction does.

Each section included high-quality branded photos and videos to bring a human feel to the company.

In-depth project section highlighting Matcon's 400+ successful projects.

Each project is a world in its own right and Matcon wanted to highlight each of them. This tool was not only a powerful visualization on the website. It’s been used in numerous sales scenarios to showcase what Matcon is capable of.

Easy to apply for career sections to drive the companies hiring pipeline

People are the lifeblood of Matcon, so we developed a simple, but effective career application flow so potential candidates could see what jobs were available.

Easy-to-digest service section making it easy for customers to understand who they serve.

Matcon is well-known in the industry, but we learned that many customers didn’t understand the full scope of what they did. We developed an easy-to-digest Services section so potential customers could know there was a fit.

Proudly highlighted sections on safety to highlight Matcon is a leader in their field.

Matcon is proud of their safety record and in an industry like theirs, it matters. We developed a full safety section complete with safety, what it means to the company, and how they stand behind their word.

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