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widl isn't a company. it's a brand on a mission to change our relationship with self.

project brief.

widl came to Ethos with a very unique project.

They wanted to front-end design functionality of Webflow mixed with the powerful back-end of Shopify.

In a seamless way, we delivered.

What can I say about the Ethos team. They came in, they spent a lot of time understanding the nuances of the project and they delivered a custom solution no other agency has been able to provide.

The front end feels way too simple for how complex the back end had to be! I would highly recommend them.
Julian DeSchutter

the widl ecosystem.

The widl ecosystem is a mix of Webflow, Shopify, and WordPress, all seamlessly integrated to provide a front-end e-Commerce experience  that fits the unique depth and soul of the brand.

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